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A few words from our HR Director

Here at DIAM, passion for our work and achieving total customer satisfaction are our highest priorities.
You can’t learn what we do at school or out of a book, you have to get stuck in and do it!  This means we can bring people in from across the spectrum and train them in-house. 

So what’s our most vital asset?  Our people.
First and foremost, we bring in people who show potential, a great personality and a real sense of commitment.  Our teams come from all over the world, and their strength is what drives this company forward.  Sharing a deep-rooted set of core values, our teams work together so we can all move in the same direction.  This is how we nurture a sense of open-mindedness and develop a working environment which encourages innovation.  Now it’s your opportunity to grow in a stimulating environment where adaptability is key. 

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Our Jobs

  • The sales team
  • The design, creation and prototype team
  • The industrial engineering team
  • The purchasing team
  • Project and technical team
  • Project management
  • Industrial technical experts
  • The production management team
  • The quality team
  • The installation team

The sales team

We often say that our objective is to be a global partner for brands, offering them a wide range of merchandising solutions no matter where they are in the world. 

In this respect, our sales advisors play a vital role. They are out on the front line, anticipating and interpreting the needs and expectations of our clients.  Every Sales Advisor manages his or her own client portfolio and a series of dedicated projects, enabling him or her to create a privileged relationship with each client.  The Sales Advisor is the liaison between the client and our in-house teams, and ensures that our solution is compatible with the client’s expectations.  He or she motivates the in-house teams to meet our commitments (in terms of deadlines and quality).

  • Marketing Director
  • Sales Representative
  • Client Director


The design, creation and prototype team

Out of the box!  Our Design teams meet the briefs handed out by Client Directors and offer the most visually appealing and innovative solutions possible, in line with the client’s needs.

They are tasked with creating and designing displays, furniture and other units in 2D and 3D.  They go beyond the purely creative side of the business, too.  These teams play a key role by working alongside Client Directors and the Technical Development teams in order to fully understand the consumer’s expectations at the point of sale.  They need to be a source of inspiration, innovation and bright ideas.

Together with the Design teams, the Modelling department is responsible for actually creating the displays, shop interiors and furniture.  Thanks to this department, the client can have a physical representation of their concept in front of them within a very short time.

  • Creative Designer
  • Modeller
  • Prototype Developer
  • Planogram Designer / Updater


The industrial engineering team

The Industrial Engineering team takes the technical assessments and designs, and turns them into long-term production processes which meet the quality and speed requirements we offer to our clients. 

Called on once the Development team and the Design office have finished their preliminary studies, this team sets out all the production processes and resources needed to start manufacturing.

A real asset for our production teams, the Industrial Engineering department regularly carries out feedback analysis with the Production and Development teams in order to capitalize on previous successes and locate any areas for improvement.  This process corresponds with the Group’s commitment to constant, continual improvement.

  • Industrial Project Managers
  • Methods Officer
  • Methods Engineer
  • Technical Expert (decoration, silk-screening, lean manufacturing, etc.)


The purchasing team

Working with the Project teams, the Purchasing department in each area prospects and certifies the suppliers who meet the Group’s criteria for quality and speed.

It Is up to these teams to manage our material and component purchases, items which must meet an extremely high quality standard.  They work closely with our suppliers and stand side by side with our Development teams in order to create a genuine and long-lasting partnership and maximize the potential of our resources, helping us find the right products and new solutions.  Thanks to our policy of open innovation with our partners, our Purchasing teams can keep a constant eye on the technical side of the business.  Social and environmental issues are an integral part of our overall business strategy.

  • Buyer
  • Commodity Leader
  • Purchasing Director
  • Purchaser – Supply Planner


Project and technical team

Ensuring that our innovative, visually stunning proposition can actually be produced!

The Technical Development departments provide invaluable assistance to the Sales and Design teams; it is up to them to guarantee the technical feasibility of the ideas coming forward.  These teams are always on the lookout for new materials and are constantly experimenting with new production processes in order to meet our clients’ demands.

Their work begins with an estimate of the production costs.  Once this preliminary assessment has been validated, they draft all the plans and blueprints necessary for project production in our factories.

From the very beginning of each project, our Technical Development departments are tasked with integrating eco-design, safety and environmental considerations into their methods.  This helps us all fulfil the Group’s social and environmental commitments.

  • Industrial Designer
  • Project Development Director
  • Technical Designer


Project management

Our clients expect impeccable speed and adaptability. 

Our Project Coordinators ensure that each of the projects entrusted to them is completed fully and flawlessly, and help guarantee rapid adaptability.  They are tasked with setting out the different steps in the production process and draft the entire project schedule.  In their own way, they are the orchestrator of each project, working hard to ensure that each team (Industrial Engineering, Development, Production and Quality) start and finish their tasks at exactly the right time. 

If the project starts to drift off schedule, they must pour all of their energy into uniting the teams and finding a solution.

  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Scheduling Director
  • Scheduling Technician


Industrial technical experts

One of our major strengths is our ability to develop technical and industrial expertise.  This occurs both on the ground with the Production teams and in the design phase with the Development and Industrial Engineering teams.

Thanks to the constant contact between our different technical teams around the world, we are able to share our knowledge and enhance our expertise on a daily basis.

You can see this expertise most clearly in the following areas:

  • Mould tool making (injection and vac forming), Vacuum forming
  • Injection moulding, Wood, metal, aluminium, manufacturing and decoration
  • Cnc routing, Heat bending, Polishing
  • Decoration : painting, silk screening, hot stamping, pad printing


As well as our industrial and technical experts, a robust support network can solve any problems that occur and help to increase our shared knowledge and understanding. This includes:

  • Operators, production line managers, industrial and technical experts, toolmakers, maintenance technicians, injection regulators, paint booth managers, colourists, industrial painters, robot programmers.


The production management team

Their role?  To ensure constant, reliable production. This requires effective team organization within the workshops and production lines. 

These professionals are indispensable for planning and allocating resources, ensuring that client orders and requirements are met.  They are also tasked with training and supervising teams on a daily basis.

  • Production Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Team Leader
  • Workshop Manager 


The quality team

Working in the very heart of the factory, the Quality department ensures that the technical specifications drawn up by the client are scrupulously adhered to. 

They run tests across the entire production process in order to eliminate any possible non-compliance.  This department’s motto?  “Further improvement”.  The Quality team works alongside other teams to co-ordinate solutions to any problems that arise and evaluate all the progress we’ve recorded.  They are also in charge of capitalizing on our knowledge, improving safety,  enhancing the quality of the working environment and overseeing various environmental initiatives across different branches in the Group.

  • Quality Director
  • Quality Controller
  • Quality Assistant
  • Quality Engineer
  • Health and Safety Director


The installation team

Our subsidiary FieldFlex is tasked with installing our merchandising supports around the world.

 A service branch of the Group, these teams oversee the implementation and installation of our displays while simultaneously ensuring that retail activities at the point of sale are not disrupted.  True experts in team coordination and technical adaptability during assembly, Fieldflex are always careful to prepare the terrain in advance by gathering all the information necessary for the service.  This activity requires skills ranging from project coordination to management of an installer and logistics network.

  • Installers/Fitters
  • Campaign Manager
  • Network Manager
  • Sales Advisor
  • Order Preparation Technician
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Logistics Officer


Be our next collaborator!

DIAM development is based on the entrepreneurship spirit of its employees.

That’s why we are looking for new talents.

Thibault, 40 years old,
Site Director

I joined DIAM in 2002 as a Project Manager.  Soon after arriving, the Group offered to send me to the United States to help start up their branch over there.  The local team were very supportive and gave us the tools we needed to understand how to do business in the USA, helping me when I had to manage a number of ambitious projects.  Currently, I’m in charge of the operational management of a whole part of this branch.

Sandra, 30 years old, Engineer

I’d been working with DIAM France for three years when, at the start of 2014, I jetted off to Tunisia to join the DIAM site over there for 6 months.  My job consisted of training the Tunisian team in the use of our new production technology.  What a rewarding experience!  This gave me the opportunity to improve my training and management skills.  I learned so much during this transfer!  DIAM is such an open-minded company, and if you’re motivated and work hard, you can rise up the ranks very quickly.”

Dave, 37 years old, Site Director

I joined DIAM two years ago to run production on one of the biggest sites in France.  Originally from the industrial sector, I discovered an exciting new career with a number of motivating new projects.  Alongside my colleagues, I managed to bring about our little “industrial revolution” on the site.  The aim of this was to improve our processes and completely change the appearance of the factory.

Following this, management asked me to head up the Turkish branch, and we’ve got great expectations for this office. After an intensive English course and a fast-paced introduction to Turkish culture, here I am in Istanbul!

Xuang, 28 years old, Coordinator

I came over from DIAM China to the Prestige department at DIAM France to coordinate projects between China and France.  We work together on joint projects, and it’s much easier for me to work directly with the local team in France.  What a fantastic opportunity for me to come and work in France and create new links between the two countries!  Finding innovative new solutions thanks to the mix of both cultures is incredibly rewarding.

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