Fieldflex, our subsidiary at your service

For logistics, installation, maintenance and audits, Fieldflex offer the full benefit of their point of sale expertise.

Your project, ready to go

Every project has its own dedicated Fieldflex advisor, who will walk you through each step of the project.  From implementing your launch strategy, providing logistics and installing your tools at your point of sale, your Project Manager will take care of everything.  And thanks to our Flex’in store online platform, you can follow your operation’s progress in real time to see how it’s coming along, with photos included!

Logistics: for total peace of mind

Merchandise checks, loading, storage and dispatch: our teams will take care of all of this and more, overseeing your material  from the factory to the point of sale.

We’ll take care of your installation projects from start to finish, no matter what sort of point of sale you’re using.  From hypermarkets and supermarkets to large-scale luxury goods outlets, pharmacies, travel retail and specialist distribution; we’ve got you covered.

Didier MACE,
Sales Director, Fieldflex

Installation: Fieldflex will always make sure your demands are met

We have 300 installers working for our clients in more than 30 countries around the world.
Whether you need a display for your shelves, gondola, aisle, podiums or windows, our teams work carefully and efficiently to ensure that you make the right impression.

Maintenance: maintaining a flawless image for your brand

Got a drawer that sticks, or a faulty cabinet light?  If so, Fieldflex will order the replacement part and come on site as quickly as possible to solve your problems.  Our annual maintenance contracts enable us to keep a check on the wear and tear of your merchandising tools at the point of sale and ensure that they remain in impeccable condition.  Our aim is to guarantee a perfect brand image over the long term.

Thanks to their rapid response and great adaptability, Fieldflex can operate in more than 30 countries within 48 hours.  If you need to update a visual, for example, they’re there for you when you need them.

Philippe Gounel,
Director France, Fieldflex

Audits: boosting efficiency

Assess the condition of your merchandising tools directly at your point of sale, their real impact on consumers and how they work to promote your brand.  Thanks to these indicators, you can set up a truly effective merchandising strategy.