The best way to predict the future is to create it

Innovation is part of our DNA.

Day after day, our designers invent new concepts for stores and our engineers create new solutions that are simply an answer to the customer need, a technical evolution, and sometimes some breakthrough… to support creating the merchandising systems of the future.  Keeping up to date with new trends, gathering information, communicating with suppliers, bringing them up to speed with our ideas, testing new materials and designs and putting them into action, to support a Brand to grow or develop Sustainability initiatives. Thanks to this constant research, we are at the forefront of technical and design breakthroughs, with multiple partners and Open Innovation. Innovation is part of our DNA; it’s our driving force, constantly moving us forward.

Innovation means improving existing things as well as making breakthroughs.  We take a fresh approach to every product entrusted to us.  This means thinking differently and constantly reinventing ourselves as a team!

Clive Bagley,
Technical Director,  UK

Innovation isn’t always obvious.  During our production processes, we innovate by perfecting our approach to eco-design and industrial engineering, and also by using new types of robots in our factories.

Nicolas Lorin,
Factory Director, USA

Our "Connection" initiative: a vital part of our digital development

Digital and interactive technologies are revolutionizing how we work! 

Now we can test lipstick without having to wear it, visualize a new shelf display before it’s even been produced and achieve a whole host of things we could only dream of before.  With our “Connection” initiative, DIAM can provide innovative solutions to guide your project forward which can be used directly at the point of sale.  Almost anything is possible, from 3D and virtual reality to the use of scent and sounds.  Welcome to a new world of opportunity.  Let us guide you through it.