The DIAM Group creates, develops, produces, installs a large range of solutions to enhance your products in-store, supporting Brands in creating unforgettable consumer experiences.

At DIAM, for all distribution networks

  • Fragrances – Selective distribution
  • Large-scale luxury outlets / Department stores
  • Airport shopping / Travel Retail
  • Jewellery – Watches - Opticians
  • Branded retail outlets
  • Large and medium scale retail centres (Supermarkets & drugstores)
  • Shop in shop
  • Pharmacies, Hair Salons, Spas
  • Pop-up stores, traveling boutiques

Here at DIAM, we develop truly unique solutions using our tried and tested design and manufacturing expertise. Positioned somewhere between the artisanal and the industrial, we design unique creative solutions for our clients by using a wide range of techniques including injection-moulding, machining, bending, thermoforming, carpentry, silk-screening, hot stamping, spraying and varnishing, galvanizing, metallization and many more.”

Pascal Saillant,
design studio director, Prestige europe

Our creations: a broad range of solutions and material

  • Shopfitting, Shop in Shop, kiosks, corners
  • POS displays (from 1 day to few months), including glorifiers
  • Adaptive Structures, drawers, shelves, modules, graphics for permanent POS displays
  • Permanent and pop-up POS display accessories: bases, mirrors, mock-ups, testers, visuals, shelves, dividers, etc.
  • Wall displays and systems for hanging and arranging products
  • Unique solutions for interior store design
  • Interactive (digital) and innovative solutions for your points of sale.

You can select your preferred materials.  Whether this is plastic, wood, metal, card, paper, recycled or leather, we’ve got over ten thousand to choose from.

Ephemeral but unforgettable

We know you’ve spent months or even years planning for this moment. We understand that your new product launch must go perfectly. Thankfully, DIAM is on hand to design a range of temporary installations to work for you over a period of several weeks, ensuring that your event is a resounding success.

Permanent: Great durability for a great impact

From store furniture to shop fittings, these products are built to endure.  Trust DIAM to provide materials, assemblies, decorations and finishes that will last for months or years

Installation: Ready to go when you are

Whether you need electrical connections, special constructions or installations in the most prestigious outlets, the teams from our subsidiary Fieldflex are fully trained to handle delicate goods and set up intricate installations.

What’s more, Fieldflex offers a complete service package - from transporting your merchandising tools from the factory to your door, installing them competently to ensure that they arrive in optimum condition.

Display. Showcasing your products

Whether temporary or permanent, with DIAM displays you’ll be able to show off your products on shelves, counters, or even directly on the floor.  Choose either a battery or mains powered solution to really make your product stand out.  And whether you have your own design or leave that to our creative teams, you can count on us to promote your brand and fully respect your brand equity.

Wall Unit,
Excellence in your stores

With premium lighting, optimised product access and a host of retailer benefits, the Wall Unit is a technical masterpiece.  Use it to merchandise and test a complete range and offer the consumer  a  fulfilling brand equity experience- these units are designed to be put in direct contact with the consumer.  And of course, they all come with the DIAM hallmark of class , quality and durability.

Shop in Shop & interior design:
Welcome to
your world!

DIAM is proud to offer a range of innovative and creative interior store design solutions, whether for your entire chain or just a single outlet.
The DIAM Group will design, produce and install your Shop in Shop furniture.  This progressive concept is designed just like a real store, providing a space for you to bring the design, atmosphere and mood of your brand directly to your distributors.  Thanks to our highly experienced international interior store design teams (specializing in the creation of wall furniture, counter displays, store fixtures and more), DIAM can meet even the strictest demands in your rapidly expanding market.