Watch your ideas take shape...

From an embryonic idea to a fully-fledged product

Our clients’ needs are just as diverse as the fields they work in, from cosmetics and fragrances to watchmaking.
Taking the time to listen and discuss  ideas with you makes success much more likely.  When we know your ambitions, we can incorporate them into the heart of our services, from the creative design phase right up to their in-store launch and presence.  By understanding your business and your goals, we can offer innovative, creative ideas that are completely in sync with your market.  And, just as importantly, it enables us to form a long-lasting, positive and highly constructive relationship  with you.

Feel the benefit of DIAM’s international expertise.  We offer polished and innovative technical solutions to truly enhance your products

Project and Development Supervisor, DIAM Asia

From design to manufacture

Transforming ideas and designs into a real-life solution is the task of our development teams. They take care of the technical assessments, blueprint creation and communication between our suppliers and factories. There’s only one objective: offering you the best possible solution which respects your deadlines and requirements in terms of quality and budget.  And once the development phase is over, production can begin (followed by delivery, installation and maintenance).  With techniques ranging from injection-moulding, thermoforming, hot foil blocking and silk screening to spraying, printing, machining and polishing, we’re only satisfied when we’ve achieved total excellence.

From logistics to on-site installation

Fieldflex, a DIAM Group subsidiary, has been helping our clients implement their merchandising tools for more than 20 years, providing logistics, point of sale installation, maintenance and audits. With more than 120,000 operations every year around the world, Fieldflex is a true master of its craft.