Listening to you, assessing your needs and putting our teams to work on your projects.

Our mission

Being the GLOBAL PARTNER for your BRANDS:

Anywhere in the world (23 countries, 2300 team members), supporting your development with LOCAL presence and teams & GLOBAL expertise.

With full end to end service for a large range of Merchandising Solutions:  From concept creation to Engineering, Production, Delivery and to Point of sale Maintenance, providing high quality and competitive solutions.

Maintaining a resolute focus on social responsibility.


Enhancing the consumer experience at the point of sale.

We’re committed to a few simple values: listening to our clients and ensuring total satisfaction, maintaining great diversity in our teams and honouring our social responsibilities.  These are the keys to our company culture, and are instilled in every member of the DIAM team.”

Raphaele Briand,
HR Director, DIAM Groupe


Our strength lies in the DIVERSITY of our teams.
Whether men, women, experts, managers,
technicians or operators, our truly international teams
work together to make your concept a reality.


Advice and support.
Sticking to our deadlines.
Staying competitive and flexible.
Your SATISFACTION is our top priority,
every step of the way.


Every single day we strive to
REINVENT the consumer experience.
We work to predict trends and get
tomorrow’s merchandising solutions
ready today, to save you time.


We’ve been DEMANDING high quality for over
40 years.  Thanks to our constant thirst for
improvement and drive for progress, we’ve
been able to build a reputation for excellence.



Pushing the envelope?  Pouring 100% of
our ENERGY into your projects?
At DIAM, this is what we do.
It is our passion.


Listen. Understand. Discuss.
This is our approach.  We know that
your needs are completely individual.
Your project is UNIQUE!