For more than 40 years, DIAM has worked hard to react and respond to your needs, always pro active and providing the required Quality.  We’re here for you, providing a merchandising solution no matter where you are in the world.  Every single day, we strive to meet our brands’ demands while staying true to our ethical, environmental and social commitments.

Our demand for quality drives your success

Quality is our top priority.  We go further than mere certifications; we guarantee excellence in both our products and services by constantly remaining open to feedback  and continually seeking to improve what we offer to our clients.  In this way, we grow together.  Every project has its own key steps in the quality process; before (risk assessment, eco-design), during and after product manufacture (pilot study, product testing, adherence to standards, pre-dispatch testing and much more).

Remaining flexible and proactive, we are able to:

  • Stay on top of the changes our clients make during the project and its development
  • Overcome technical challenges, train our employees and offer every client highly polished innovative solutions
  • Stick to our commitments.

We believe that people and the environment come first.

We know that caring for the environment and society is a strength, not a weakness.  For DIAM, being responsible means constantly being aware of the social and environmental impact of our projects.  This is a continual process, starting at the creation phase and lasting right up until installation, maintenance and eventual product recycling.

In 2009 we implemented our own sustainable development policy.  Here are just a few of the commitments we maintain every single day:

  • Our engineers are fully trained in eco-design.  They are tasked with designing and creating products which are perfectly safe and have a low carbon footprint.
  • Every quote comes with its own carbon footprint assessment.
  • Our purchasing teams work alongside our suppliers to seek out environmentally friendly materials to improve our eco-design process.
  • We are always seeking to promote employment for disadvantaged people.  We are particularly committed to hiring disabled people in a number of our subsidiaries.
  • We have developed an ethics charter signed by every member of our senior management team.  Our CEO  regularly reviews our progress in terms of sustainable development.
  • We carry out systematic audits in our factories and those of our suppliers.  We strive to ensure that we keep in line with international social and environmental standards (SA 8000, United Nations)